The best way to prepare for a trip: 3 great blogs for safe travel tips

It’s no secret that there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of travel blogs out there. Each have their own unique flavor, writing style and focus.

This post is going to highlight a few of my absolute favorite travel blogs that are not only packed with loads of safe travel tips and travel advice, but are also super fun to read.

What Makes A Good safety minded travel blog?

I love to read and I love to travel. Luckily for me, the two intertwine quite nicely. The following blogs combine location specific travel tips, general travel guides, foreign travel advice and current statistics on global safety concerns.

There really is no replacement for on the ground, practical travel advice and when you can really feel that the author has taken you to that particular place and time. I find it not only fun, but incredibly useful to read through these blogs before I set off on my next journey.

Solo Traveler Blog –

Travel Tips

Janice Waugh left her old life behind when she started Solo Traveler Blog. After losing her husband, in 2009 she packed her bags and set sail! Since then she’s been involved with a ton of travel focused events, spoken at numerous public speaking events and has even written a couple of awesome travel guides/manifestos.

On her website she teams up with Food & Wine lover Tracey Nesbitt and together they tackle a host of subjects revolving around the world of solo travel. If you’re looking for safety tips, Solo Traveler Blog has them in spades. I highly recommend pulling up a chair, getting comfortable and having a read through her Solo Travel Safety Advice section on her page.

In particular, for some quick travel tips, check out How to be safe wherever you go.

Not only does Janice focus on aspects of safe travel, but she also has a penchant for finding the cheapest way to enjoy a trip. Janice has a fantastic section of her website called 32 tips, where she covers a huge range of locations and situations by detailing 32 essential travel tips.

The awesome piece on Solo Europe Travel, includes her own tips as well as reader recommended travel advice. By taking into consideration the tips of her readers, Janice’s articles are broad and specific at once, providing incredible outlines for travel locations all over the world.

Head over to her Destinations page, select your city/country and get reading!

Time Travel Turtle –

Travel Tips Time Travel Turtle
This particular blog is very dear to my heart. Michael Turtle turned 30 and decided to leave his successful media career behind to do what we all love – travel. The Time Travel Turtle really gets in there with his articles. Reading his articles really gives you a sense of immersion and personally gets me so excited I almost start packing my bags before I finish reading.

While Michael’s Blog isn’t a travel blog specifically focusing on safe travel, his articles contain a slew of awesome foreign travel advice and safety tips. Being a solo Aussie traveler myself, South East Asia has always been one of my favorite places for a not-too-far-away adventure. In the Turtle’s article on Cambodia, Michael manages to weave a story of the countries history with loads of rich photography while detailing the safety aspects of traveling in an extremely poor country.

Don’t walk late at night through the streets of the capital. Don’t catch the tuk tuk with the driver who has been sitting outside the bar watching how much you drink all night. Don’t go to the beach parties alone and accept drinks from strangers.

Time Travel Turtle

This is real and practical safety advice from someone who’s been there and done that. The Time Travel Turtle isn’t afraid to get dirty. His blog on The Slums of Bangkok is a particularly insightful read and really reflects his journalistic intent with his writing.

You can navigate through the site “By Country” which is probably the best way to find travel tips and entertaining stories of his journeys. With over 50 countries covered so far, Time Travel Turtle isn’t slowing down any time soon! I hope he’s got a good travel wallet with him…

Clever Travel Companion –

Travel Tips Clever Travel Companion
Not only does Clever Travel Companion have an awesome range of pick pocket safe apparel, they also provide a multitude of safety related travel tips.

The blog section of the website concentrates on all aspects of safe travel with articles on travel luggage insurance, pickpocket statistics and a look at the bigger picture of pickpockets, the topics are on point and extremely relevant.

Although some of the articles aren’t written from a personal experience angle, they are well researched and incredibly informative. I even liked their post on pick pocketing facts so much that I made a fun little infographic using some of the content on the page.

The thing that really sets this blog apart is how incredibly specific it is to the threat of pickpockets. There may not be as many posts on their blog as the previous two, but they are all travel advice GOLD! Pickpockets are in every city and a travel wallet and clever pickpocket proof clothing is your best defense.

Think about how unstoppable you’d be with a Money Belt and one of these bad boys!

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve found some of your own awesome travel safe blogs so get in touch!

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