NEWS – Bellroy Travel Wallet now with RFID!

Anyone who has read my Bellroy Travel Wallet review will know that I am a huge fan. It’s one of those companies that I don’t mind paying a premium price for. Actually the Bellroy Travel Wallet was my first travel wallet and spurred my obsession. It very well may be the reason this site exists at all!

You’ll note that in my review, my only criticisms of the Bellroy Travel Wallet were that it has no RFID and it’s a bit expensive.

Well the bad news is, it’s still a bit pricey. The good news is, Bellroy now offer an RFID version of their travel wallet for $5 more! For me this is exciting news. I can’t wait to see how they integrate the RFID protection and how much it increases the bulk of the wallet.

How do I find the Bellroy Travel Wallet RFID?

It’s easy! Head to the Bellroy Travel Wallet on Navigate to where you can change the color of the wallet. You will see RFID included in the title of the wallets that have it. The price will also increase.

My favorite passport wallet just got even better and more secure with RFID protection. I couldn’t be more excited! Kudos Bellroy (and send me one soon so I can test it!).

To see how Bellroy ages like a fine wine, check out my video below of my Bellroy Travel Wallet Review – 12 months in.

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