5 Reasons to Carry a Front Pocket Wallet (infographic)

Every man needs to have a wallet.

There are many types of wallets out there, and each one serves its own specific purpose.

Rear pocket wallets are the most popular; you probably have them. However, you should know that front pocket wallets also offer great value.

Here are five reasons why you should carry a front pocket wallet as opposed to a back pocket wallet:

1. Comfort

Front pocket wallets are typically made slimmer than back pocket wallets. This means that they do not cause a bulge on your jeans and therefore do not irritate you as you walk.

Back pocket wallets are especially irritating for men who like to wear tight jeans. The size of the back pocket wallet also causes discomfort when you sit since you have to feel that big bulge.

2. Style

Wallets are much more than just vessels for carrying money- they represent your style. A slim minimalist wallet in your front pocket does nothing to your trousers, and therefore does not mess up your style.

This is the exact opposite of a back pocket wallet which bulges your back pockets. Even more, back pocket wallets are less stylish compared to front pocket wallets. Very few people will find fat wallets cool.

3. No ruining of pants

Again, because of the excessive bulging, back pocket wallets end up causing wear and tear on jeans. A front pocket wallet will not lead to the tearing of your jeans since they do not exert any pressure on your trouser fabrics. Front pocket wallets are designed slim enough to fit into any pocket without having to squeeze their way through.
Basically, a front pocket wallet will see you making fewer trips to the jeans shops.

4. Front pockets are harder to pickpocket

Wallet thieves always target the back pocket since the back pocket is easier to pickpocket.

For one, you can’t see someone trying to reach your pocket from behind, and this gives them an advantage over you.
On the flip side, it is very easy to see someone trying to get their fingers in your front pocket since that is just where your eyes naturally are. A thief trying to get your front pocket wallet will have to be very daring.

5. We are getting closer to becoming a cashless society

Our world is quickly turning cashless.

Most back pocket wallets were traditionally meant to carry coins, and that is now absolutely unnecessary. They are also meant to carry a lot of money in the form of bills- and this is also becoming unnecessary. This is because most places now accept payment through debit cards, credit cards and even through cell phone services.

At any given time, you only need to have a small amount of money in cash form to pay for the very few things that can’t be paid through cashless means. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just the developed countries which are becoming cashless. People in many developing countries have to carry around less and less cash every year because of financial innovations.

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Infographic from http://www.kalibrado.com/

5 Reassons to Start Carry a Front Pocket Wallet

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