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Security is on the mind of most of us when travelling. A trusty anti theft travel wallet that deters a potential thief is often hard to find. Even if a company makes a claim, who’s to say it’s true? These are the top 3 anti theft travel wallets to help stop pickpockets, RFID scammers and opportunists when you travel next.

If you read any of the blogs on my site, you’ll know that security is something I take very seriously.
Here are just a few examples:

Let’s talk about some of the features that are important in an anti theft travel wallet.

RFID blocking technology

RFID blockers have become more and more prominent to the point now that you rarely see a product labelled “Travel Wallet” without mention of RFID.

R.F.ID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Which basically means, if you have a card or passport with an RFID chip, it has the potential to be read by an RFID scanner. This means that it’s open season on your personal details for anyone devious enough to get close and scan your wallet.

Enter: RFID blockers.

This is usually a thin metal material that is placed in between the layers of your wallet to help block these frequencies. There are even RFID sleeves that you can use to protect your cards which you can buy separately.

Most wallets these days are tested properly and many of the cheap knockoffs have followed suit. Even still, you have to be careful and make sure the RFID blocking actually works.

Slash proof materials

There is a real conundrum with slash proof materials. On the one hand, they help prevent criminals with a knife cutting your wallet or bag. On the other hand, bulky/heavy wallets aren’t great for travel. Finding a happy medium or a functional compromise is what it’s all about.

A lot of this comes down to the steps you personally take to ensure the security of your wallet. Is your money belt on the outside of your clothes? Is your neck wallet under your shirt? Minimise risk and be realistic about what can happen to you in the seedier neigborhoods of the world.

One of the most effective but rarely implemented features is to include a wire in your strap. This can affect the comfort of your wallet so again, it’s finding a balance.

Good stash compartments and anti theft design

The last and maybe most obvious feature of a good anti theft travel wallet is good, secure compartments. This means excellent quality zips that don’t break and a wallet design that doesn’t make it easy to snatch.

Is the travel wallet easy to hide?

Is it hard to take from your person?

If you are being mugged, will the criminal know where to look?


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IGOGEER M05 RFID Travel Wallet

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Well it’s no coincedence that IGOGEER once again finds its way into one of my top lists. I promise they are not paying me! The Igogeer RFID travel wallet has stood the test of time and still remains my strongest, most locked down wallet.

What makes it a good anti theft travel wallet?

There are a few things to point out with the IGOGEER. Firstly, the clam shell zippered design, while not always practical for quick access, adds another layer of security. The card slots are tight and firm and the wallet is a good size to fit in your back or front pocket.

It’s also incredibly durable. I sat on it for over 9 months and even with the thick RFID blocking material, it still held up. That’s what I’m really here to talk about though, the RFID tech. The material is a tough woven ripstop nylon that will hold up well in most environments.

Sacrificing a little flexibility in the wallet is a small price to pay for the awesome RFID blocking on this wallet. With the Igogeer, you’re protected from 10 MHz to 3,000 MHz. Very few wallets can make this claim and back it up.

Who’s it for?

If you’re worried about RFID theft, this is the wallet for you. It’s primarily a men’s wallet but the Igogeer RFID clutch is also an excellent option if you belong to the fairer sex.

It’s versatile but may get a little bulky when full so if you’re into slim wallets, this might not be for you.

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Pacsafe Coversafe X100 RFID Money Belt

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Pacsafe is hands down the most secure money belt I’ve reviewed. In general, Pacsafe products are impressive and the utility and durability of the coversafe is in a league of its own.

What makes it a good anti theft travel wallet?

A beautifully crafted money belt, the Pacsafe Coversafe x100 combines RFID, a slim profile design and strong, adjustable straps to keep it away from ill-intentioned individuals.

Money belts are hands down one of the smartest anti theft travel wallets on the market. The Pacsafe has enough room for your passport, phone and multiple currencies. Simply strap it on, put it under your shirt and only access it in a safe environment.

Moving away from the norm, Pacsafe is made from tough, 75D Polyester dobby. It has RFID blocking material woven in and it’s relatively thin material is easy to hide and hard to break.

The thing that makes this money belt the best anti theft money belt, is the strap. At this price range, it’s hard to find a slash proof strap that is both comfortable and effective. Pacsafe have succeeded here where many have failed which makes this the best anti theft travel wallet in the money belt category.

Who’s it for?

Anyone and everyone! The only real downside is the slight inconvenience of reaching under your shirt to access cash or passport. This is already an expectation however if you truly want to protect yourself from thieves. One of the upsides is that you’ll have a slash proof, RFID protected vault hidden close to your body.

The Pacsafe comes in grey and black and is suitable for all sexes and ages. The strap is adjustable so it’s suitable for all sizes too. Great for busy cities and markets where hands could be flying in all directions. It’s incredibly hard for a thief to reach under your shirt and access the zip which is also well hidden.

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Eagle Creek Travel Gear All Terrain Money Belt

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An oldie but a goody. The Eagle Creek Money Belt takes the phrase “Money Belt” in a whole new direction.

What makes it a good anti theft travel wallet?

Look, this isn’t a travel wallet per se. You may argue that it is a travel accessory or perhaps a wearable wallet. Either way, it is an almost completely fool proof option for hiding cash.

Is it a replacement for your wallet? No, but even though some people are managing to travel without cash, the best way is to still bring some with you on your next trip.

Although a last resort, the Eagle Creek provides an innocuous looking, interchangeable belt to hide up to 10 folded bills. You could also include a photocopy of your passport and other details in case your passport gets stolen.

The fact is, not all hostels/hotels provide you with a safe. And sometimes you just forget. Unscrupulous staff have been known to take money from people’s rooms, but would they ever look in your belt? The Eagle Creek is my favourite because it’s versatile, well made, well priced and you can use it just about anywhere.

Who’s it for?

If you’re planning a beach trip and you’ll be wearing swimming shorts for 90% of the trip, perhaps the Eagle Creek isn’t for you. The eagle creek belt is great for business trips, hiking and incredibly useful in areas of high crime and incidents of pick pockets.

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So there you have it!

3 incredible options from 3 high quality manufacturers that you can trust. I’ve used all of these products personally and for me, they offer the most security. Don’t be afraid to stack them too! Using more than one will only increase your security and keep you safer.

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