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Top 3 Best Neck Wallets for Travel


It’s time to lay it all on the table. What are my top 3 neck wallets for travel and why.

Neck wallets are fast becoming synonymous with smart travel and for good reason. It’s all about convenience and safety. When not in use, the neck wallet hangs under your shirt, safe and sound. When you need it, just lift it out. There are not too many downsides to a well made neck wallet but they are certainly not all made equal.

The disadvantages of a neck wallet

The size – Particularly for people with smaller frames, the size of some neck wallets can be an issue. Most manufacturers will make neck wallets in one size and one size only. This gets pretty tricky when you consider the huge range of size in humans! If you are of smaller stature, I recommend smaller neck wallets like the Shacke or the IGOGEER.

The strap – Pickpockets have many tricks up their sleeves. One of them is to cut the strap of your bag or wallet and run off with it. I’ve even seen bags with flimsier straps being completely ripped off a girls shoulder. This is a real concern with neck wallets and is the reason why many manufacturers will include a piece of wire that runs through the strap. This isn’t always effective however and can affect the comfort of the strap.

My advice, wear your neck wallet close to your chest and under your shirt. It makes it so much harder for thieves to reach out and grab the strap and protects your important belongings.

The advantages of a neck wallet

The convenience – This might vary from person to person but certainly for me, having my wallet literally in front of me is super convenient. If you’re walking through the terminal in a safe airport, wearing it on the outside and having quick access to your passport is a huge plus.

In addition to this, neck wallets can be bigger in size and fit more of your documents. Because neck wallets literally hang underneath your shirt (not in your pocket or around your waist) there is more room to fit multiple passports, cash, portable chargers and travel documents. It’s like an all in one travel organizer that you don’t need to stash in your bag.

The security – We talked about the straps being a concern for neck wallets, but they can also be your saving grace. Unless you actually tether your wallet to your belt with a chain, a pickpocket can be halfway down the street before you notice your regular wallet is gone. All neck wallets come with straps which make it that much harder for thieves to steal from your person. There is little chance that a pickpocket will reach into your shirt over your back pocket. Also, considering RFID theft is becoming more and more of a concern, having your wallet where you can see it is a safe choice.

Which neck wallet is the best for me?

This top 3 is in no particular order and is purely my opinion. With each neck wallet, I’m going to provide what I think is the best situation/use for each one. With that said, these neck wallets are all awesome in their own right and I’d be happy to recommend them all.

#1. Zero Grid

– Check it out on Amazon here

Zero Grid’s products historically rate quite highly on and for good reason. In fact, the Zero Grid Neck Wallet entertains one of the highest scores I’ve given out on the site.

Why is it so good?

It really is just right. It has just the right amount of pockets, high quality light-weight material and although on the slightly bigger size, it’s not ridiculously huge. Three zippered compartments. That’s all. That’s all you need! Two horizontal, one vertical. Keep your passport and larger documents in the vertical zip. Keep your phone and currency in the top horizontal and everything else in the smaller horizontal. Simple. The strap is comfortable and tucks into the mesh pocket at the back of the wallet. No more frills than is necessary.

When I used this neck pouch it was so easy to access all my stuff and I instantly knew which pocket to go for. It’s design that makes sense. It’s very similar in a lot of ways to a few other products. However where it differs is quality of components and some small design changes that make a huge difference.

Who’s it for?

I will say that this is probably a slightly better wallet for the guys than the girls. There are less pockets than some other brands and therefore more rummaging around might be an issue, especially for smaller items. It’s also on the bigger side and would suit those a little less endowed around the chest area – forgive my brashness!

Where will it take me?

Just about anywhere. It’s RFID protected and also doubles as a belt wallet if need be. The materials are all super durable and although they don’t make the claim, it’s also fairly water resistant. Suitable for long trips in a range of climates and regions.

Check out my review of the Zero Grid Neck Wallet.

Zero Grid Neck Wallet on


#2. Yomo

– Check it out on Amazon here.

Yomo recently redesigned their neck wallet and the results were impressive. It seems they listened to consumers and produced a unique product that belongs up there with the best.

Why is it so good?

Firstly, it breaks the mould a bit in terms of material. 210D ripstop nylon seems to be the light-weight durable choice of a lot of manufacturers. It has a great ability to repel moisture, dirt and oils but can also be a little…well, scratchy. A lot of companies introduced a soft mesh lining to combat this problem. Yomo said to hell with it and made their wallet out of a water resistant canvas that feels soft instead.

In fact, the wallet plays more like a designer bag than a safety luggage item and is probably one of the nicest looking neck wallets on the market. The strap is incredibly comfortable and stylistically fits in with the Yomo “theme”. It is however, a little thicker than the other wallets in this list. I guess that’s the price you pay for comfort and it is very comfortable. It’s also quite compact and fits very snugly under your shirt.

Who’s it for?

All three of these wallets are unisex, however, I see this product more geared toward to the female market. It certainly doesn’t scream “tourist” as much as other neck wallets. For that matter it also doesn’t scream “woman’s product” either. It would still be at the top of my list for a thoughtful gift for a girlfriend or wife who loves adventure.

Where will it take me?

Due to it’s water resistant and hardy, durable canvas like material, it’s a pretty safe bet to take just about anywhere. If I had to be picky, I’d avoid hotter climates and stick to cooler areas mostly due to the thickness of the material. That is being picky though!

Check out my review of the Yomo Neck Wallet.

Yomo Neck Wallet on



– Check it out on Amazon here.

IGOGEER products are going from strength to strength and have been impressing me more and more with their newer models. The “IGOGEER Deluxe Passport Neck Wallet” may be getting a bit long in the tooth but it still offers some awesome features for a trusty travel companion.

Why is it so good?

I have a bit of a man crush on this wallet. Sure it’s not the prettiest thing that’s ever rested on my chest but it’s certainly not the ugliest! For me, the IGOGEER is a mans wallet. It’s got heaps of cool pockets and zips and looks like something you can take into the wild with you.

It’s also built to last, IGOGEER put a strong emphasis on the quality of their components. Their stitching is sound and their zippers almost never (if ever) break. It’s made mostly from nylon so it’s relatively light weight, even through it boasts 3 zippered sections, 5 pouches and 4 credit card sleeves. The credit card sleeves are embedded in the main pocket and the zippered side pocket fans out to allow for more storage. Something a lot of manufacturers could learn from. It’s also quite compact and not so noticeable under your shirt.

IGOGEER also have a lifetime Warranty and 100% guarantee and I know from experience that their customer service is top notch.

Who’s it for?

I feel like this is the kind of neck wallet that would suit the lone wolf. The man who wants to travel and see the world and wants to be safe and organized about it at the same time!

Where will it take me?

The IGOGEER neck wallet is going to take you just about anywhere. It does bulk up a bit but the nylon used is super lightweight and holds up well to the elements. I’d just as soon take it hiking as I would skiing and I reckon it would survive longer trips too.

Check out my review of the IGOGEER Neck Wallet.

IGOGEER Neck Wallet on


To sum it up

  1. Zero Grid Neck Wallet – Super durable, all rounder. Great for outdoors/hotter climates. More suitable for larger frames.
  2. Yomo Neck Wallet – Stylish for men and women. Great for kids and cooler-moderate weather. Great gift idea.
  3. IGOGEER Neck wallet – Great for men and women but lean towards men. Great for keeping organized. Great for outdoors and travel just about anywhere.

So there you have it!

My top 3 best neck wallets on the market. I’m always looking out for new models and new designs so keep your eyes peeled! If anyone has a neck wallet that they love to use, feel free to comment below and let me know which one is your favorite.

  1. Reply Doug July 11, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    Thank you for this, going to Japan and snagged a Yomo!

  2. Reply john May 14, 2018 at 8:56 pm

    A great article. The Venture 4th Neck pouch is a bestseller on Amazon and I personally have 3 of these and have been nothing short than delighted with the quality.

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